Fire + Rescue NSW Band

The Band and Marching Team is based in Sydney, Australia. Mark Reay has been the Musical Director for the past 30 years and continues to ensure the standard of music and entertainment remains at a very high level.

The members are part-time volunteers who see the function of the group as an integral part of the Fire and Rescue NSW’s mission to provide public education on fire prevention and safety awareness to the community and to promote the Brigades as a world class organization.

The members raise their own funds through sponsorship to promote international tours. The Band and Marching Team traveled to China in 2002, USA in 2006, Austria in 2008, Switzerland in 2010, Germany in 2012 and Switzerland again in 2015.

Coming Up Next

Due to the COVID-19 Virus safety conditions, our next few scheduled performances and rehearsals have been cancelled, we will keep you informed as to when we are back, but as for now we hope everyone stays safe and healthy.

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Fire + Rescue NSW Band
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